Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Foreign Investment Property: Where Are The Highest Yields?

Many of our readers are interested in purchasing foreign investment property for various reasons. Some want to purchase foreign investment property as a vacation retreat, while others look at foreign property strictly as an investment and an alternative to U.S. real estate. If you are looking at vacation spots, then you should be concerned with more than the yield of a property. However, if you are buying foreign property solely as an investment, then yields will be one of the most important factors of the property you decide to buy.

Global Property Guide has published a list of the top 10 highest yielding foreign markets which might help you in your search for that perfect location. They identified the top 10 highest yielding foreign markets as: Egypt, Indonesia, Philippines, Panama, Ukraine, UAE, Jordan, China, South Africa, and Morocco.

Before you get too excited, consider that these figures are only based on highest yield. The rankings do not take into account the risks, taxes and fees associated with buying, selling and owning property in the country. One needs to analyze and account for these things before one buys property in a foreign country. Global Property Guide covers many different countries and offers additional information, including tax rates. They are a great place to start your research for foreign investment property.

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