Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Barack Obama Is Taking Shots From The Left And The Right

Barack Obama is getting attacked from all sides now, and it appears that no place is safe for him. On the left he is being attacked by Hillary Clinton, with accusations of plagiarism among other things. On the right he is being bombarded by supporters of John McCain, who are setting him up as a supporter of terrorists. I sincerely feel bad for the guy right now.

I’m not a big supporter of Obama, but I’m also not a supporter of low blows (I don’t support Obama because of his huge spending proposals and other polices, not personal issues). The latest blow coming from McCain supporters at a recent rally was especially distasteful. There the speaker who introduced Obama repeatedly called out his full name Barack Hussein Obama, and suggested that he was being friendly with our terrorist enemies. I was upset with Clinton’s plagiarism accusations, but this is 100 times worse. It would be one thing if they had proof that he is working with terrorists. But to accuse him of what amounts to treason just because the guy was born into a Muslim family (although it is debated whether they were even practicing) and has the middle name Hussein...give me a break. Not that religion even matters, but they guy is a renowned Christian now, not Muslim. All this does is make the McCain campaign look like an ignorant bunch of bigots, which is not exactly the image one wants to portray in a campaign.

To his credit, McCain did repeatedly apologize for the remarks made by his supporters, and he said that he expects that it won’t happen again. I certainly hope that is the case.

In every election, things eventually turn nasty, and it has been one of the biggest turn-offs to me for politics. For once, I would like to see the candidates fight a nice, clean fight and stick to the issues. If you have a problem with a candidate’s proposals...great, let’s debate them. Topics involving religion, race, and family...lets keep those out of it. Here’s hoping for a good clean Presidential race, whichever candidates it may involve.

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