Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ron Paul: Primary And Caucus Results

Ron Paul did not show well at all on Super Tuesday and is now dug into a hole out of which he won’t be able to climb. At this point there is no way Ron Paul will win the Republican nomination, which probably doesn’t surprise most people who have been observing the elections. Part of the problem is that Paul was not given the same media exposure as the other candidates, and as such, his views are unknown to most of the country. In the debates he participated in, most observers thought he performed well. That being said it, appears the only way that Paul is going to be running for president is if he abandons his party and runs as an independent. See how Paul did state by state in the breakdown below (Delegates earned in parentheses):


Arizona: 4th Place (0)
Oklahoma: 4th Place (0)
Arkansas: 4th Place (0)
Alabama: 4th Place (0)
Connecticut: 4th Place (0)
Massachusetts: 4th Place (0)
New Jersey: 4th Place (0)
New York: 4th Place (0)
Georgia: 4th Place (0)
Missouri: 4th Place (0)
Tennessee: 4th Place (0)
Utah: 3rd Place (0)
Illinois: 4th Place (0)
Delaware: 4th Place (0)
Florida: 5th Place (0)
South Carolina: 5th Place (0)
Michigan: 4th Place (0)
New Hampshire: 5th Place (0)


Minnesota: 4th Place (0)
Alaska: 3rd Place (5)
Colorado: 4th Place (0)
Montana: 2nd Place (0)
North Dakota: 3rd Place (5)
West Virginia: 4th Place (0)
Maine: 3rd Place (0)
Nevada: 2nd Place (4)
Wyoming: 4th Place (0)
Iowa: 5th Place (2)

Total Delegates: 16

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