Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Who Won Super Tuesday?

After the single biggest day in the history of primaries in the U.S., the question on every mind is who won Super Tuesday? Which candidates are now in position to take the party nominations?

Some people are going to be elated that their candidate is now the frontrunner, while some supporters will be apprehensive if their candidate receives the frontrunner label. Still others will mourn that their candidate is now effectively out of the running. The summaries of how each candidate fared are below. For an in-depth, state by state breakdown, simply click on the candidate's name:

Democrats: Total Delegates Pledged Thus Far

Hillary Clinton: 783
Barack Obama: 709

Republican: Total Delegates Pledged Thus Far

John McCain: 559
Mitt Romney: 265
Mike Huckabee: 169
Ron Paul: 16

*All delegate information gathered from

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