Wednesday, February 6, 2008

John McCain: Primary And Caucus Results

John McCain did well on Super Tuesday and has basically cemented his lead for the Republican party's presidential nomination. It appears the candidate representing the Republican party in its bid for the presidency this year will be McCain. McCain is leading in California, and with that delegate count added to his already substantial lead, Romney would need to mount a comeback of epic proportions to catch him. See how McCain did state by state in the breakdown below (Delegates earned in parentheses):


Arizona: 1st Place (53)
Oklahoma: 1st Place (32)
Arkansas: 2nd Place (0)
Alabama: 2nd Place (13)
Connecticut: 1st Place (27)
Massachusetts: 2nd Place (17)
New Jersey: 1st Place (52)
New York: 1st Place (101)
Georgia: 2nd Place (3)
Missouri: 1st Place (58)
Tennessee: 2nd Place (15)
Utah: 2nd Place (0)
Illinois: 1st Place (55)
Delaware: 1st Place (18)
Florida: 1st Place (57)
South Carolina: 1st Place (19)
Michigan: 2nd Place (5)
New Hampshire: 1st Place (7)


Minnesota: 2nd Place (0)
Alaska: 4th Place (3)
Colorado: 2nd Place (0)
Montana: 3rd Place (0)
North Dakota: 2nd Place (6)
West Virginia: 3rd Place (0)
Maine: 2nd Place (1)
Nevada: 3rd Place (4)
Wyoming: 4th Place (0)
Iowa: 4th Place (3)

Total Delegates: 559

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