Thursday, July 14, 2011

eBay Silver Sales Outpacing Gold

Alix Steel, analyst for, discusses the movement of gold and silver investment coins on eBay. A lack in investor confidence has raised interest in putting money into physical commodities like gold and silver; however, silver coin sales have been outpacing gold on eBay since 2007. Steel believes it is due to the accessibility of the investment in terms of pricing as well as the ease of acquiring it for close to spot price through online markets. She warns, however, that investors should be cautious of eBay vendors and only trust those with high ratings and a long history of transactions. For more on this continue reading the following article from The Prudent Investor.

In for the physical? Check out ebay. Sales of silver coins have been outpacing gold coin sales since 2007, according to ebay data. Alix Steel from tells us further that only in the last quarter silver coin sales doubled again in volume.

This is reflected on the ebay USA website: Silver coin offers are roughly double the number of gold offers. has a most handy tool to compare ebay prices and premiums above the pure metal value. Click here for gold coins and here for silver coins and remember that numismatic coins were exempt from confiscation in the Great Depression.

VIDEO: Alix Steel from confirmed the white-hot silver market with other coin dealers.
Bullion coins are not doing bad either: At the time of writing a one ounce gold eagle was bid at $1,625 or 3.6% above spot.

A last note of caution: Only buy from sellers with a spotless transaction record and at least 100 ebay recommendations.

This blog post was republished with permission from The Prudent Investor.

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