Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Las Vegas Real Estate Horror Show — In Graph Form

We all know that things have been bad in the Las Vegas real estate market, but just how bad is it? A vast majority of the sales happening now are foreclosures, and the exact numbers might be frightening — even to those who don't own a house there. For a graphic depiction read the the following blog post from Tim Iacono.

This report from the Las Vegas Sun carries one of the better graphics that have crossed my computer screen lately depicting the extent to which distressed sales have impacted the local real estate market in and around "Sin City".

Of course, conditions are much worse in Nevada than in most other parts of the country, but large swaths of California, Florida, and Arizona probably have real estate sale figures that are not too different from these. The report by Chris Morris and Alex Richards contains just the following commentary.

When Nevadans started to realize they were at the epicenter of a full-blown foreclosure crisis in 2007, riding a rising wave of loan defaults that eventually turned into auctions and bank repossessions, they didn't really understand what was in store for the real estate market. In the valley today, foreclosure sales largely outpace regular sales, and they drive the median price of single-family homes down considerably — by roughly $25,000 in February.
The graphic really tells the story:

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