Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Franklin TN Real Estate: What’s Going On?

Here at NuWire, we are constantly researching emerging real estate opportunities to introduce to our readers and locations in which readers have expressed interest through comments in questions. In addition to this, we monitor search engine traffic.

In our latest analysis, we found that a top search term (for U.S. real estate) was ‘Franklin TN real estate’. I had never heard of Franklin, TN, so naturally it piqued my interest. A quick search on ‘Franklin TN’ reveals that Franklin is a suburb of Nashville, and has a population of just over 50,000. But how could a town of 50,000 people produce 20,000 searches a day (according to and Wordtracker) for the term ‘Franklin TN real estate’?

To give you an idea of how outrageous that number is, ‘Las Vegas real estate’ only receives 571 searches a day. Las Vegas is one of the most searched for U.S. real estate locations. It has an in-city population of over 500,000, a metro population of almost 2 million and name recognition around the world. How could a place like Las Vegas have 40 times fewer real estate searches?

I spent a few minutees trying to figure out what was so exciting about ‘Franklin TN real estate’. It doesn’t seem to be a bad place to invest, but nothing that would generate this amount of interest. My first thought is that this is an error on the part of the keyword tracking tools, but it could also be due to recent press that the city has received which I somehow have missed.

If there is that much interest in the city then we feel it is our obligation to cover the topic in depth for our readers. That being said, I thought I’d use this post as a test to see if there really is that much interest in Franklin, TN real estate. If you read this post and are searching for ‘Franklin TN real estate’ then please let me know why. If you know what the fuss is about (if there really is any fuss), we are curious to know too. And if you read this and have no interest in ‘Franklin TN real estate’ but would like to know more about another location in the world, feel free to tell us and we will look into that too. I look forward to hearing from you.


Brooke Tighe said...

I moved to Franklin,TN years ago from Philadelphia. I have to say in my opinion, it is a fabulous place to live and work. Our real estate market is not in bad shape like many other cities in America right now which may be why investors are searching for it. Just a thought..

Either way, if you have not ever been to Franklin,TN, you owe it to yourself to come for a visit. You will never want to leave. Its got a special blend of sophistication and southern charm, located very close still to all the sites and sounds of Nashville.

Anonymous said...

Clean living, good people! Need I say more?

Roxygirl said...

I was just thinking about what living in TN would be like, being from the soggy northwest. I have heard great things about Nash. area. I am not sure how I got to franklin, but I think a blog mentioned it (maybe it was Kiplinger mag. on top places to live??) Anyway, seems to be a beautiful place although I can't understand that many more searches for Franklin.