Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Home Sellers Turn to Divine Intervention

From The Wall Street Journal:

“With the worst housing market in recent years, St. Joseph is enjoying a flurry of attention. Some vendors of religious supplies say St. Joseph statues are flying off the shelves as an increasing number of skeptics and non-Catholics look for some saintly intervention to help them sell their houses.”

From the Okeechobee News:

“A couple with a large waterfront home for sale have had it listed with a realtor for almost six months with absolutely no interest being shown in it. They have buried a St. Joseph statue in their yard, hoping to have divine intervention assist them.”

From Bankrate:

“Stephen J. Binz believes it works. The author of ‘St. Joseph, My Real Estate Agent,’ he became a believer when his own house had been on the market for seven long months. Upon the advice of his Presbyterian real estate agent, Binz buried a St. Joseph statue in his yard. ‘I thought it was a rather ridiculous superstition,’ says Binz, a practicing Catholic. But a week later, he had an offer and sold the house."

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