Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Will We See Another Economic Stimulus Package?

President BushAfter the latest round of unemployment figures, there is renewed buzz for another economic stimulus package. At this point it is just talk, but depending on how the first economic stimulus package pans out, and whether the price of oil comes down, we may see the talk turn to action sooner rather than later.

President Bush has expressed interest in more economic stimuli, but he wants to wait until we can see how the first round performs first. In addition, Bush has his hands full at the moment trying to get his tax cuts to become permanent, according to CNN. A couple of the plans being proposed in the Senate, though, are increasing unemployment benefits and a $300 billion FHA loan boost, according to CNN.

Those of you who are frequent readers of my blog probably know that I wasn’t a big fan of the first economic stimulus plan, and I’m certainly not in favor of another one. Without getting into a full on tirade about how irresponsible our government is, we are more than $9 trillion in debt, and we should not be going further in debt in order to “attempt” to artificially rouse our economy. Contrary to popular belief, we can’t keep borrowing or printing money indefinitely without recourse. We are walking on thin ice right now, and who knows when it is going to break--but the more weight we add, the higher the chance goes.

Ultimately, I expect we will see some sort of economic stimulus because I seriously doubt the first one is going to have the effect that Bush is hoping for. It was a poorly devised plan to begin with, and things are only getting worse for American consumers. When it gets a little closer to election time (assuming the economy doesn't miraculously get better) you can bet that Bush is going to put his best foot forward for the American public in order to attempt to gain support for the Republican presidential candidate: John McCain. He will propose some miracle plan--that is completely full of hot air--which he will claim will fix everything, and then dare the Democrats to shoot it down. As long as Bush does it right and positions it so that the American public agrees with it, then if the Democrats don’t vote it through they will look like the bad guys and then Obama will take the hit. By the time the public finds out that the net effect of this plan leaves us worse than where we started, it will be too late.

I don’t want to be pessimistic, but I have a hard time not being so when talking about our government right now. I hope that the government thinks twice about another stimulus plan, and actually takes into account our budgetary deficiencies, but when has that ever stopped them before? If you are wondering where I am, I’m heading out to get a wet suit, because the water under the ice looks awfully cold.

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