Monday, March 10, 2008

Which States Are In Recession?

While I was reading blogs this morning, I came across an interesting post from Pat Kitano over at Transparent Real Estate. In his post, he has a recession map of the U.S. which shows how different states are in various stages of economic development. Each state is designated as in a recession, at risk of recession, in recovery, or currently expanding.

Surprisingly enough, the map shows that a majority of U.S. states are actually in a period of expansion right now. It is no reprise that states experiencing the worst from the housing meltdown, such as Michigan, Nevada, Arizona and Florida, all made the recession list.

When people look at the term “recession,” they generally look at it in terms of an entire country. Breaking it down to the state level is a novel concept. If you are curious about the recession map and the category into which your state falls, check out Pat’s post: Recession Map.

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