Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pollution Is Now Officially A Sin: What Can We Do To Avoid Going To Hell?

According to a recent article from Reuters, the Vatican released a list of modern sins, one of which was pollution. I’m really not sure what to say to that other than I guess that it just reinforces the old saying that all of us are sinners. I can’t think of one person in the entire world, let alone the U.S., who isn’t responsible for pollution in one form or another. I’m also not exactly sure how one can avoid polluting altogether, but it is completely possible to pollute less, which is probably what they are trying to suggest with the recent announcement.

That being said, if investors want to avoid the wrath of God, then there are several ways that they can incorporate a little greenery into their investments. Socially responsible investing is one emerging trend that investors can look to follow. In addition, real estate investors can do things like making their investment properties LEED certified, as well as implementing other low cost green additions.

Even if investors aren’t worried about going to Hell for polluting, there is still a big reason for them to pay more attention to the environment. Whether or not they are on board with the green movement, an ever growing amount of the population is. As the number of environmentally conscious people grows, so to will the demand for environmentally sound businesses and properties. Investors who are savvy enough to catch onto this stand to make a lot of money. One has to imagine that a decent number of Catholics who were previously uninterested in the environment will now become interested due to this announcement, which will only swell the growing ranks of the environmentally conscious.

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