Monday, March 2, 2009

Just How Crazy Is The Stock Market Today?

So just how upside down is the stock market today? Kathy Lien pulled some interesting figures that will make you think a little bit about that question. Everyone knows that the market is down, but this really puts it into perspective. Check out Kathy Lien's blog post below:

Here is some interesting food for thought

It’s a sign of the times when …

The Sunday paper costs more than NYT stock
The Citi ATM fee costs more than C stock
The paper that a mortgage is written on costs more than FRE stock
A subscription to Sirius Satellite radio would cost more than SIRI stock
A gallon of gas costs more than F stock
One ride costs more than SIX (Six Flags) stock
A bottle of soda costs more than JSDA (Jones Soda) stock
A 5 minute long distance phone call costs more than VG (Vonage) stock
A 5 stick pack of gum costs more than RAD (Rite-Aid) stock
The strawberries in a smoothie cost more than JMBA (Jamba Juice) stock

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