Monday, May 5, 2008

Barack Obama: Guilty By Association?

By now everyone knows the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and what he has done to the Obama campaign, but what about another of Barack Obama’s friends, Deval Patrick, the governor of Massachusetts? I just read an interesting opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal by Jon Keller in which Keller essentially called out all of Patrick’s faults and proceeded to say that Obama would end up just like Patrick. The article brings up many similarities between Obama and Patrick: They are both African American, they both attended Harvard Law and they both frequently focus on “change” in their rhetoric. Earlier this year in a campaign speech, Obama even borrowed some words from one of Patrick’s speeches and was accused of plagiarism. The two are close friends, and may be similar in some ways, but is the assumption that Obama will follow the same path as his friend really fair?

I am not personally an Obama supporter, and I am not planning to vote for him come election time, but this is not because of the actions of his friends and acquaintances. To judge him solely on that would be short-sighted, and I feel for the guy for enduring so much judgment, even if this sort of scrutiny does come with the territory. While I do think Obama might be promising more than he can deliver, the main reason I don’t support him is that I don’t agree with many of his major policies. One of Keller’s major criticisms of Obama in the article revolves around these promises of change. Deval Patrick has failed on several occasions to see his promised changes through, and Keller thinks Obama is likely to do the same. I, too, question whether Obama will be able to carry his changes to completion, as I am always skeptical of politicians that make grand promises, but one thing makes me think that he perhaps isn’t just paying lip-service.

A gas tax holiday has recently been proposed, which McCain and Clinton are supporting and Obama is opposing. I firmly agree with Obama on this, and I respect that he is holding his ground. Most Americans don’t understand economics all that well, and many will jump on the gas tax holiday bandwagon. It would have been easy for Obama to support the tax holiday along with Clinton and McCain and gain the goodwill of millions of Americans who are faced with the reality of $4 a gallon gas, but it wouldn’t have been the best move for the country. Obama may be more perseverant than people think, and these allegations that he will be another Deval Patrick may prove to be a bit premature.


Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

That settles it! I definitely won't vote for Pastor Wright next November! :D

(And yes, the gas tax holiday is a stupid idea and the worst sort of pokitical pandering.)

Anonymous said...

The issue is that with such a short-lived political history, we don't have much basis to argue what Obama will actually do. He is a wild-card so to speak in that he promises the moon but we don't know if he'll actually deliver.

His speeches are well written and he has charisma, but charisma and good speeches aren't wisdom, and wisdom we need more than charisma or good speech writers these days.

Thus we have looked to who he surrounds himself with to try and determine who he is. It is one thing to associate with people, another to have them as close friends.

I associate with people I completely disagree with, but with people I consider close friends I share something. Usually it is a belief, be it about economics, spirituality, politics, or entertainment. We don't have to agree on everything to be close friends, but there is something we share that makes the friendship worthwhile.

So I can say that we can't define Obama by his friends outright. But if all of his friends share similar radical beliefs I call to question the wisdom of a man trying to become President. If it only takes one rotten apple to spoil the bunch, how am I to believe one good apple survived among so many rotten ones?

I find it troubling that it is when his friends become a problem that he distances himself from them.

His wife is a firecracker in her own right and, again, Obama had chosen her as his wife and hasn't distanced himself from her comments, nor made any statement trying to say that she needs to calm down or watch her mouth. If you don't say you disagree then you are agreeing.

So it is in the timing of his choices that makes me suspect. It is in the lack of forethought that makes me tentative.

From day 1 Obama should have started talking about issues and not ideas. I know the "why" and "what" of modern issues pretty well and I quickly got tired of his lofty restating the same things over and over. He hadn't, until recently, been giving enough of the "how" for me to ever support him.

From day 1 Obama should have publicly distanced himself from his controversial friends before it became politically advantageous. People call him on holding court with some very anti-American people, it makes Americans worry about the intentions of Obama. Especially when he makes remarks about why people believe in the things they do. I find that one statement alone enough to discredit him from ever getting my vote or support.

If Obama had done these things, I would be less disgusted by him. Not that I love the other candidates, they all have their own issues. But for people to talk him up like he's the cat's meow is a sad commentary on the awareness and intelligence of the modern American citizen.