Monday, February 25, 2008

As The Price Of Gold Rises, What Is An Oscar Worth?

With the price of gold sky high right now, how valuable are those Oscars that got passed out yesterday?

According to The Seattle Times, each Oscar Statuette cost $500 this year, up from $400 last year. In only one year the price jumped $100, or 25 percent! That is pretty amazing, and it goes to show how bad inflation is getting, especially for materials. Each Oscar, according to The Seattle Times, is made from pewter that is plated in successive layers of copper, nickel, silver and gold, and then lacquered and buffed. The price of gold itself has jumped around 40 percent in the last year.

Those who think that $500 isn’t much to pay for an Oscar might be disappointed to know that they can’t be bought. There are strict rules forbidding their sales, and Oscar winners sign contracts guaranteeing that they won’t sell their own award. If they were to break that contract, they would probably fetch more than $500 on the black market, but instead of investing in Oscars, one might want to consider the materials that make up an Oscar.

Even though it seems that silver and gold are at ridiculous highs right now, I think there is more room to grow. Considering the rate at which the Fed is inflating the monetary supply, gold and silver are practically a must for investors right now.

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