Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Investor Jim Rogers Advocates Stability

Economist Tim Iacono comments on CNBC’s interview of CEO of Rogers Holdings, Jim Rogers, on his unwavering investment technique despite radical changes in the global economy and unpredictable events from severe weather to nuclear meltdowns. Rogers explains his longstanding faith in commodities investment and belief that holding onto the U.S. dollar is still a safe investment play, at least in the short term. For more on this continue reading the following article from Tim Iacono.

On CNBC, Jim Rogers talks about the latest economic data, the next round of quantitative easing, and his investment outlook which, for the most part, hasn’t changed much over the years. Surprisingly, he’s long the U.S. dollar at the moment, but only as a short-term trade.

There’s more here with additional video here (on regulation) and here (on silver). His basic argument about owning commodities is pretty simple and unchanged for years now – “If the world economy gets better, I earn money on commodities. If the global economy gets worse then they will print more money and I will make money in commodities”.

This post was republished with permission from Tim Iacono.

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