Thursday, February 3, 2011

President Trump...Seriously?

Is Donald Trump really thinking about running for President in 2012, or is he merely looking for some PR? Either way, it gives us something to talk about. The Donald, played the whole thing nicely, talking about how the country's economic struggles, and poor policies, are making him seriously consider running. Is Trump going to be our hero? Tim Iacono takes a closer look at Trump's run for the Presidency in his blog post below.

Real estate developer and TV star Donald Trump talks about the many ills of U.S. economic policy and his upcoming effort to change that via a run for President in 2012.

We are a laughing stock throughout the world … If oil prices are allowed to keep inflating, if the dollar keeps going down in value – which is not good because you’re going to pay $25 for a loaf of bread pretty soon – if you look at what’s happening with our food prices, they’re going through the roof. You know, we could end up being another Egypt – you could have riots in our streets also.

BTW: I don’t know where part 2 is, but, there are highlights of it in this item over at the Economic Collapse blog where this video was spotted.

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