Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Don't Worry, The Economy Is Having This Effect On A Lot Of People

In a very embarrassing display, the Finance Minister of Japan attended a press conference clearly under the influence of alcohol. He was later forced to resign of course, but can we really blame him for needing a little drink? Kathy Lien talks more about this recent development in her blog post below. In case you want to witness the event, you can also see a YouTube video of the press conference at the bottom of the post.

For Japan and Prime Minister Aso, it was a big embarrassment today that the Finance Minister Nakagawa resigned after acting drunk at the G-7 news conference.

He slurred his speech, was sleepy eyed, very disoriented and at one point, mistakenly responded to a question on interest rates that was intended for the governor of the Bank of Japan, who was seated to his left.

He will be replaced by Economy Minister Yosano.

Here is a video of Nakagawa’s performance. It is in Japanese, but just watch his facial expressions. Nakagawa is on the left, BoJ Governor Shirakawa is on the right.

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