Friday, March 21, 2008

NCAA Basketball Tournament And Investing In College Town Real Estate

There is nothing like March Madness, when the NCAA basketball tournament takes center stage. Even people who don’t like sports will join office pools, and water cooler discussions become gloating over the successes and lamenting the upsets in our brackets. But what does all this have to do with investing you ask?

Many of us long to relive the energy and excitement of the college atmosphere, and for that reason many retirees are choosing to settle in college towns across the country. With the enormous number of baby boomers facing retirement over the next several years, investors should attempt to identify places where retiree populations—and consequently the price of real estate—are ready to boom. We all know about Florida and Arizona, but every state has college towns that are likely to benefit from these retirees, and investors might do well to investigate these towns. Retirees love the college vibe, but they need medical services and hospitable weather is a major plus as well, so universities with medical research facilities and a good climate could be prime candidates for future retirement havens.

In addition to the retirement angle, college town real estate also offers the added benefit of a steady supply of renters and a more educated population, which is a draw for businesses. Research universities are especially attractive locations for start-up businesses, and you never know if one of those start-ups will really take off and become a major employer for the area.

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