Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday Has Arrived: Vote For Your Favorite Presidential Candidate

More than 20 states are holding their primaries today which makes today, Super Tuesday, the single biggest day for primaries in U.S. election history. If you are not sure when your state’s primary is, take a look at this chart, courtesy of the Boston Globe.

On the Republican side, the race is down to John McCain, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee. While McCain and Romney are running a pretty tight race right now, and almost everyone thinks one of those two will end up winning the Republican Party nomination, I feel that it is important to support the candidate you truly like best. If you simply vote for the candidate that you think is going to win, you aren’t doing your party or yourself any service. It is sad to me that so many people go this route; they simply think (or someone else tells them) their candidate is out of it and either they don’t vote at all or they end up going along with the crowd. The whole reason we have this election system is so people can have their voices heard, so get out there and support your favorite candidate, not your friend’s or your neighbor’s. If you really like Huckabee or Paul, get out there and vote for your candidate!

Now that I’m off my soap box, as most people are already aware, the Democratic nomination is now down to two candidates, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. While Clinton has the lead by most measures, many polls show Obama closing the gap recently. The race is close and either candidate could very well pull a victory out. The race between Clinton and Obama is so competitive that it would not be surprising if the Democratic presidential nominee was not decided after today's results have been tallied.

If you were wondering about how the candidate’s budget proposals stack up, check out yesterday’s blog post: Presidential Candidate Budget Analysis: Ron Paul Lowest, Barack Obama Highest In New Spending.

For more background into the candidates economic policies that could impact investors click on your favorite candidate below:

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