Monday, February 25, 2008

Ever Dream Of Being Part Of An Oscar Winning Film?

Watching the Oscars, one can’t help dreaming about being involved in the film industry. Unfortunately for most of us, we have little to no acting ability and no chance of ever getting a role in a feature film. But there is still one way to get your name up on the big screen, investing in films. Aspiring independent (also known as indie) film directors are always on the look out for investors.

It may not be the best investment out there in terms of returns, but investing in films brings something more than just monetary reward. If one has dreamed about having one’s name on the big screen and has money to gamble, then why not? The odds are still better than Vegas, and even if the film is a bust one will always be able to see one’s name in the credits of a real movie (assuming the film gets completed of course).

There are surprisingly a lot of opportunities out there to invest in indie films, and many different ways to do so. Last week, NuWire published an article about investing in indie films, and if you have always had the dream of being part of a feature film, and maybe even an Oscar winning one at that, it is certainly worth reading.

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