Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Barack Obama Primary And Caucus Results

Barack Obama did well yesterday, although was not able to overtake Hillary Clinton. Obama actually won more states overall, but Clinton was able to capture the larger states and thus more delegates. The Democrats have three more contests this weekend and it is likely that no nominee will be declared soon. Either one of these candidates could end up with the Democratic nomination. See how Obama did state by state in the breakdown below (Delegates earned in parentheses):


Arizona: 2nd Place (23)
Oklahoma: 2nd Place (14)
Arkansas: 2nd Place (6)
Alabama: 1st Place (21)
Connecticut: 1st Place (29)
Massachusetts: 2nd Place (43)
New Jersey: 2nd Place (38)
New York: 2nd Place (88)
Georgia: 1st Place (30)
Missouri: 1st Place (34)
Tennessee: 2nd Place (22)
Utah: 1st Place (14)
Illinois: 1st Place (81)
Delaware: 1st Place (9)
South Carolina: 1st Place (26)
New Hampshire: 2nd Place (12)


Minnesota: 1st Place (51)
Alaska: 1st Place (10)
Colorado: 1st Place (15)
Idaho: 1st Place (17)
Kansas: 1st Place (24)
North Dakota: 1st Place (12)
Nevada: 2nd Place (14)
Iowa: 1st Place (18)

Total Delegates: 709

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