Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rudy Giuliani Out; John McCain, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul And Mike Huckabee Remain

Rudy Giuliani has dropped his bid for the Republican presidential nomination and endorsed John McCain. It seems as though his campaign strategy to ignore the early primaries came back to haunt him, although some Ron Paul fans probably like to think it was his bashing of Paul that did him in. It is now a four-man race for the Republican nomination. After a victory in the Florida primary, it appears McCain has taken the lead.

On the Democratic side, John Edwards officially dropped his nomination bid as well, leaving only Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton competing for that nomination.

With Super Tuesday--the day that 24 states hold their primaries--coming Feb. 5, voters had better get up to speed on the candidates, and fast. At the beginning of the month we did a quick blog on each of the presidential candidates and parts of their economic policy which could either help or hinder investors. Click your favorite candidate’s name below to check out the previous posts:

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