Monday, November 5, 2007

Asia-Pacific Poised for Real Estate Bubble?

From Global Property Guide:

“The house price boom is now moving towards the Asia-Pacific region. Property prices in countries affected by the Asian Crisis are showing strong signs of recovery, prompting fears that a property bubble is developing anew in the region……Property prices in the Philippines, Singapore and South Korea rose by more than 10% y-o-y to Q1 2007, higher than in 2006…”

From Bloomberg News:

“Asia may be the only market to experience an increase in investment in the second half of this year, Jane Murray, the Asia Pacific head of research at Jones Lang LaSalle, said Wednesday in Tokyo. Global direct property investment rose 41 percent in 2006 to $699 billion, advancing for a third straight year.”

From Lanka Business Online:

“‘. . . Sri Lanka too has seen the property market being driven by the prospects of the cease-fire and the economic dividends that followed,’ said the statement by the Investor Education Division of Lanka Rating Agency (LRA).

These dividends were flushed liquidity, low interest rates and higher inward foreign remittances coupled with favourable macro-economic conditions.

‘However, these property market drivers are dissipating and this may trigger a reversal of trends in the fortunes of real estate,’ the rating agency warned.”

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